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Available in Windows/Mac

A small space adventure visual novel of mystery, horror, mech's and quirkiness.

You are a herald trying to find a candidate to pilot your Gaunt, a vastly advanced organic machine, designed for the sole purpose of bringing the curren war to a complete halt!

In the process you will get to know your pilot better and learn more about funny trivia and weird encounters. 

But remember, there is always darkness lurking in the back. 


-Choose your favorite animal. 

-Choose your pilot. 

-Mess with their minds by answering in weird unsuspecting ways. (feature not 100% implemented but in the process) 

-Make the right choices so your pilot lives to see another day. (Due to time constraints the feature will be updated later)

-Multi chapter adventure (Due to the time constraints I had to cut a lot of content, but I already have a plan for the entire game.)

-Multiple playable characters (Once again due to time constraints, I had to leave some elements out, but planning to make more.) 


-Right Click for options or press ESC

-Continue the narrative by clicking when seeing the blinking monster. 

-Select choices and try to get the best ending if you can...

-press ctrl for skipping scenes faster >>>

-small save button on the lower left corner for saving on those sticky parts. 

-back button for going back in the narrative in case you missed something. 


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The_Icarus_Effect_V1-1.0-mac.zip 26 MB
The_Icarus_Effect_V1-1.0-pc.zip 61 MB


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I love the concept of this, the art looks great, the story is super interesting and it plays well. But it’s so ambitious! Maybe it helps if you call this a demo, cut the last 5 minutes of it and concentrate more on the beginning of the game, so the player gets a good first impression of the overall story, the characters and gameplay. As it is, the ending feels very rushed which is a shame because this could really be amazing. I left quite a bit of feedback in my lets play if you’re interested because I’d love to see this gain form because the main idea and the visuals are so good.


Thank you so much for reviewing what I have so far! I appreciate all of your advice and commentary! It made my day! I made the game for a game jam And yes I can say I was a bit ambitious for the time frame I had! But I am planning on expanding the chapter and finishing the ones I have left over this month and the next, I will be submitting the rest into another jam that will allow me to keep working on this! So is a great opportunity to keep working on it! 

Due to the time constraints I did have problems with the grammar. Also some aspects of chapter one were rushed. I wanted to give the player a complete experience for chapter one but once again due to the time constraints I had to cut off a lot of material sadly Q_Q. 

But there is hope as i mentioned before! 

I really loved your idea of expanding more story with the animals XD I thought it was a funny addition inspired on the animal familiar trope in many series like Sailor Moon and Madoka magical girl. 



Thank you so much for having me in your channel! I am thankful for the support by the community! 

I love your art style! Looking forward to more of the story!

Thank you so much @moadem! I am so happy you liked it! I will be continuing the project and adding more to it, so see you again with new updates soon! :3

The game reminds me of fear me ◖⚆ᴥ⚆◗ anyway, Love the game. Cant wait to see the next update ^-^

Thank you so much! I am so happy it gives of that sort of vibe! I am hoping to add more to it and make it more complete after the jam! Thanks for the support!