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The creature, the forest, the hole. 

La criatura, el bosque, el agujero. (Now with a Spanish translation!) 

Kreatura, las i dziura. (Now with a Polish translation!) Thanks to Marramix for making this possible! 

Yaratık, orman, oyuk. (Now with Turkish translation!) Thanks to @FurkhangS

(Flashing Lights Warning) 

Where did you come from? Why are you here? All answers are one click away.

Click, click, click... The mystery only deepens the further you go down the rabbits hole.


Creepy, quirky story, strange characters, fun dialogue, multiple endings and a few surprises. 


Right Click for options 

Continue the narrative by clicking when seeing buttons or the blinking triangle. 

There will be a Clicker V Guide as of now to download if you want to reach all endings :3 

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorStudio Lemi
GenreInteractive Fiction, Adventure, Role Playing, Visual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsCreepy, Horror, Pixel Art, screamjam, Singleplayer, vn, weird


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Clicker_V_POLYGLOT_EDITION-1.3-mac.zip 66 MB
Clicker_V_POLYGLOT_EDITION-1.3-pc.zip 100 MB

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Loved this game.  The presence of the monster in the cave is so unsettling!


Thank you so much for the support! I am happy you enjoyed the atmosphere and the creepy cave dweller!


loved the game! named the creature blurpos, i got attached to it to be honest haha


Aww Blurpos is a great name! I hope I can give them a good ending later in the second part! XD but my horror mind leads them down horrorific paths! 

Thanks for playing! 


This was a pretty interesting game.


It was a joy watching you experience my game! I was chuckling when you met left or right, and also when you got the loop ending XD 


Had fun playing this one, got all the endings too which were neat, good work :)


Thank you so much Stella! I saw you having fun with the mouse cursor at the title screen! XD I'm so thankful for the support! Hopefully i'll be making a more thorough realization of Clicker V and discover more mysteries while adding a few more >:D 

I really enjoyed this game. The art is incredible and I did like the design for the little guy, he was so cute. The only unfortunate thing was that it wasn't any longer. Either way, I really liked it, great work! 


Thank you so much for the support! Hahah poor Cal the adventures he has had to go through XD  

I liked how you delve deep into some of those themes and secrets of the game, maybe ill reveal more in the future!

Honestly loved this one, the art style is incredible and the gameplays smooth :D could only find the bad and the loop :P

Thanks Fluffy! If you would like to find the other endings I left a guide with hints as to how to find all the endings! :3 I'm so happy you had fun! 

Check me out playing the game! 

I want to say this was a very unique experience and highly enjoyed it. I cant wait to see what else the dev does. 

Thank you so much for supporting me! It was a blast watching you play my game! 

No no its my pleasure man. Nothing i enjoy man then unique takes on games and enjoying someones hard. Much love my friend

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I really like this game! I like how this game provides the choice in the end that has no choice at all. However, what impacts the game is the relationship with the creature "blurp". It's so cute and adorable to say its ugly. I always tried to avoid calling it ugly but had to do it to get the endings :| I find this game super fascinating and hope you continue making more!

Thank you so much! I hope to be making new content soon! Just learning new tools to make cooler stuff :D 

Very lovely little game! We named blurp " friend" and it was a good choice! we love blurp <3


Aww thank you so much Tim! That made me smile!  I am so happy blurp has found a way into so many players is hearts. Maybe blurp should come along for more adventures! XD 

Blurps Adventures spinoff game would DEFINITELY be an instant classic!!

I called blurp ugly and now I feel bad about myself. Also love that the text-clicker game has some of the best gamefeel of the bunch I've tried. Excellent work on your feedback and pacing. Designs and color palettes are aces as well.

PS: As far as meaningful games go, love the theme that came through on this one. I think given a larger scale this has a base that could hold up a 1-3 hour puzzle experience that really sticks with ya.

Great work Artemis :)

Thank you so much Skeleton head! That comment really helps a lot! 

I've been analyzing and thinking if I should expand upon the game or if I should make a second part to it, and I think what you said about adding puzzles would be key to making the game even more enjoyable and it would add longevity. 

My initial idea was that you would be lost in this realm created by V, and you would encounter ghosts in the path, which is part the creation of left and right. But due to the time constraints I had to cut off a lot of ideas, hopefully I can add more things like this to my next project. 

Right now I'm working on clearing out any bugs and typos and making all the ends more easy to define. 

Playing 3 Horror games on itch.io

Thank you so much for giving my game a try! Was so happy you liked Blurp! XD

no problem good game :)

An interesting game. The story is built by putting the pieces together... Two endings already made, now two more to go. Congrats on your game.

Thank you so much! If you need any clues for the endings you can ask me any time! I am planning on putting a guide for those that want to find all the endings :3 Thank you so much for the support!  Loving the content! 

I just uploaded a guide with all the endings so you can find them as well! Thanks for the support and suggestions! 

Impressive so far! The story could use a bit more padding and elaboration, but I understand it's a jam title.

Thank you so much Cal! Would love to expand on the story, im thinking of maybe opening a patreon so I could start dedicating more time to projects like this and expand on making content :3

This game is honestly fantastic! It's short, but leaves you confused, but in a good way, if that makes sense? It leaves you wondering what all the clues mean and it's honestly a good game to think of theories.

I've found about 3 endings right now. The good End, the Bad End and The Loop End. 

I adored it and same did my stream, so! Though, the last ending could be easier to be found as I simply can't figure out how to find it!

Maybe a guide to get the endings would be a good thing? A tutorial or a written guide?

Thank you so much for playing my game! I am so happy you got various theories and upon seeing your stream, there is a lot of things I think you nailed without even realizing, im thinking of maybe making a small video later revealing some of the intentions behind the game I made, and as for the multiple endings, I definitely should make like a small guide and have somewhere people can download it if they want it :3 thanks again for the support! 

Of course! I'm absolutely happy to hear that! In my next stream, I'll try to follow your advice and see if i will get the last ending! I'll also discuss more of my theories on stream before moving onto doing something else!

That is so cool of you thank you so much for the support! I might be thinking of expanding a bit more on Clicker V and adding a bit more later, and I think your idea of making a guide for players is a good idea, I wonder If I should post it in the same page as a pdf or something, tell me your thoughts and thanks again! :3

There are two ways you could do it. Either put it in the file where the game can be found, or post it on the main page as a possible thing you can download!

And dude, keep me posted if ya update it! I'm totally going to play it again, honestly! I'm excited and I'm sure everyone would love to see more blurp action!

Great game!  Love the artwork.  How many endings are there?

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Hey thank you so much for the comment! There are actually 4 alternate endings! :3 hope you can find them out hahaha 

4? Damn, I've only found 2 (loop and bad) and have tried everything! Any hints?

Try to be friendly to the creature :P try to talk to it XD

Ah cool, I got that one. Does the final one have something to do with the names you type in?

I'll give you the final hint: So it's a secret ending that doesn't show as an ending, it just gives you extra information, so the hint is this: Be mean to the creature, and expect interesting things while you encounter V, dont skip any dialogue with him.